Key Projects

Youth Dialogue Project – In Washington D.C., SPACEs is supporting the efforts of four youth organizations – Sasha Bruce, Asian American LEAD, Ophelia Egypt Project and Latin American Youth Center – to address real and perceived differences among black, Latino and Asian youth.

The Commons – In partnership with Search for Common Ground (SFCG), SPACEs supports The Commons – a monthly gathering of racial equity leaders for the purpose of practicing 3 R’s — reflection, relationship cultivation and rejuvenation.  The Commons currently convenes in Washington, D.C. and the Bay Area of California.

Detroit Black and Latino Project – In partnership with the Building Movement Project, SPACEs convenes monthly gatherings of black and Latino leaders from the Detroit area to engage in 3 R’s work – reflection, relationship cultivation and rejuvenation.

Black Space – In four jurisdictions across the country, SPACEs supports and nurtures gathering circles that provide four types of spaces for black leaders and/or people of African descent.  The four types of spaces created by Black Space are:  healing, affirming, community building, power building.  Black Space now exists in Chicago, Nashville, Los Angeles and Oakland.

Prince George’s County Education Project – In Prince George’s County, Maryland, SPACEs is working with a collective of parents and community groups to “engage the unengaged” – to better involve parents – primarily through a Parent Academy — in shaping the vision and direction of local schools, and to a greater extent, the broader school system

Southeast, D.C. Community Building Project – In Southeast, Washington, D.C., SPACEs is working with leaders at the Highland Dwellings public housing property (and the surrounding community) to build a broader and deeper sense of community.  This includes — but is not limited to — building a resident council and enhancing the leadership skills of local leaders. – Working with a visionary and talented advisory board, SPACEs is helping to staff this new online resource center dedicated to equipping leaders and organizations with the tools necessary to negotiate all lines of real and perceived difference.